6/10 Film Idea

So, I’ve been thinking for a long time of an idea for a screenplay of a feature film. While studying film, ideas have been flying at me from left to right but, I can never get one to really fit.

The ideas that spring to mind are about two teenagers (cliche I know but, hear me out.) The girl is simply plain, she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world and she isn’t unattractive either. She’s just plain. Of course there would be ups and downs throughout the screenplay but, that’s what makes it all the more better. Something that young people might be able to relate to.

My female character whose name I haven’t yet decided on, I keep going through names starting with ‘E’ like Emma, Eliza and Eva, but I haven’t found one to fit yet. I don’t want to make her a manic pixie dreamgirl or a girl next door since those are used all the time and I don’t want to fall into that same pit. My girl is going to just be an everyday girl, she has average grades, a couple of friends and is just that. Maybe I can make her come from a single parent home. There’s always that idea to go back to. If I were fancasting, I would prefer to use a brunette character, seeing as I feel very much like a plain girl myself and I am brunette. To put a name on a specific character wouldn’t be very easy, as most of the actors that I admire are all older and wouldn’t be able to play a younger role. However if I do have an idea of someone that would be perfect, I may write up posts of each characters backstory.

My male character however, I want to make a semi-popular guy. He gets on well with just about everyone and his grades are good. He lives with both of his parents (the dad I would like being played by Ewan McGregor,) and he is generally happy on the outside. However and I don’t want to delve too deeply into the subject since my knowledge isn’t extensive, my male character who for now is nameless is suffering from depression. It’s cliche but, I need to use some cliches at least. Just go with me on this.

For now I haven’t figured out a real conflict within the story. I just know the my two characters will have to be thrown together in some sort of reason and that they become friends. Whether or not I will make them fall in love is going to be left up to the audience to interpret. I don’t want to force a romantic relationship in something that may just be purely platonic.

The working title for now is 6/10 or Six Out of Ten, describing my girl and how she feels when it comes down to guys rating other girls out of ten. Something that is very apparent in a teenagers life, which a lot of films doesn’t address.

Of course there are going to be the characters that nobody likes. The bullies and the people that are just there to judge everyone, although I know that there are going to be people that identify with these characters. On a deeper level, sometimes the more horrible character is also suffering with something so I may have to go into that.

For now, that’s all I have for my idea. Once I start getting more things together I can begin to plan and write out the screenplay, not that it will ever get made into a feature film but, I can write it just for fun.

Kubo and the Two Strings- Review

Director: Travis Knight

Starring: Art Parkinson, Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey and Ralph Finnes.

First of all, I love 3-D stop motion animation films because you can see the hard work and effort put into making them. Kubo is no exception. With the breathtaking scenery and the amazing stop motion animation, this quickly became a film that I fell in love with.

Kubo tells the story of a young boy, missing an eye on a journey to find three magical items to defeat the Moon King. He is accompanied by a monkey and a beetle and seeing as this is a fantasy film, the two can speak. Monkey and Beetle provide a very parental role in the film, both of them protecting and keeping Kubo safe.

The film focuses a lot on eyes, with it’s first line being “If you must blink, do it now.” The focus on the eyes gives a symbolisation of the eyes being the window to the soul, and they touch upon the fact that looking into someones eyes reveals their soul and you can see who that person is on the inside rather than the outside.

The soundtrack is beautiful with a mellow and gentle tranquility to accompany the calm nature of the trees and the night, with a more harsh tone to it when the darker scenes come into play.

Without giving away spoilers Kubo is mainly about family and the love that a family can provide, it’s sentimental and there are some tear jerker moments in there where you can have a cry about what you’ve just witnessed on scene. The representation is far from amazing with a very diverse character range, having them of Asian ethnicity.

If you want to see a work of art with an amazing and completely interesting storyline, with a beautiful soundtrack and some really amazing looking villains then I would say that this is the film that you need to watch this Autumn.


Fish Tank (2009)

Director- Andrea Arnold

Starring- Katie Jarvis, Michael Fassbender and Kierston Wareing

Fish Tank is a nitty, gritty social realism film, telling the story of a rebellious 15 year old girl who has been kicked out of school and fallen out with her friend. Katie Jarvis had never done acting before and she plays Mia superbly. Being set in an Urban London area, you get your stereotypes of loud mouth, violent and aggressive teenagers that swear a lot, drink a lot and smoke.

The film does have it’s funny moments, but it is also very moving and powerful. There are many different themes that the film brings up such as single parenting, sex and a relationship between a minor and an adult. Mia and her mum’s new boyfriend are obviously attracted to each other in a very dark way of things and when they start a relationship, it ends very quickly.

A lot of conflicts arise throughout the film and it’s represents real life and the struggles that some people go through. Perhaps the most hard hitting moment in the whole film is when Mia has lost Connor, due to him having a family, and then she finds out that an old horse that she found once has been put down. Throughout that moment, there is no music played and it makes the scene seem more real as you watch Mia have a break down.

If you want to sit down and watch a film about real life, with real struggles then pick this one up. It won a Cannes Jury Prize and it is worth it! The actors don’t do a single thing wrong and although the themes are dark, they are interesting and keep you hooked.


The BFG. Review.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, Jemaine Clement, Rebecca Hall, Rafe Spall and Bill Hader.

I can remember sitting down and watching the cartoon film of the BFG when I was young. Which looked something like this


Although the cartoon has a special place in my heart, it was amazing to see the film redone as so masterfully by my favourite film director Steven Spielberg. I’ve seen many Spielberg films and this one felt like it fit in very well with the rest. The cinematography and scenery in the film was breathtaking, with one of my favourite scenes being of the dream tree.


It was honestly breathtaking and the music was honestly one of my favourite parts with John Williams as the composer. If you’re like me and you know a lot of composers then you’ll recognise the magical feeling of John William’s music in this film. The music made me well up inside and honestly it was amazing to watch.

Many people will already know the story of the BFG, when a young orphan girl named Sophie spots a giant out of her window and he whisks her away to Giant Country where there are all sorts of other giants who eat children. With a colourful vocabulary, it felt almost just like the original film and Roald Dahl’s famous novel. I can remember reading the story when I was young and it still stays with me to this day. I even catch myself calling human beings, human beans sometimes just like the giants in the film.

Being captured by the story in the original animated film enthralled me as a child, and I hope that this film will do the same for this generation of children. It’s a fantastic Summer movie and a brilliant adaptation of one of the most beloved children’s authors.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (And why it’s important for female representation.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer first came onto our screens in 1997 and took people of all ages and genders by storm. With it being one of the most popular vampire shows, it tells the tale of a young girl named Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her journey that she takes being ‘The Slayer’ under the watchful eye of her Watcher: Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head.) She is aided by the help of her friends, genius witch Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan), the geeky Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon), preppy and ex-demon Anya Jenkins (Emma Caulfield), another witch Tara Maclay (Amber Benson) and her sister Dawn (Melissa Tratchtenberg.) Along the way she encounters love, loss and most importantly vampires, the main two being Spike (James Marsters) and Angel (David Borenaz.) With seven seasons of vampire slaying action (even with a musical episode being thrown in) Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a show that should be at the top of everyone’s list of shows to watch.

Let’s start with our protagonist Buffy Summers.


Buffy is like any other teenage girl, full of questions, hates High School and just wants to fit in. Which goes okay, until she finds a vampire. Buffy suffers through ups and downs just like every other teenage girl, and the way that the show represents what she has gone through and what it does to her emotionally. When Buffy dies (the second time) she is brought back by magic and after that she feels uneasy about being back. She struggles with all of the power that she has, and she doesn’t want her friends to die for her. Buffy is the character that most people want to be when they watch the show. She’s smart, spunky and strong. She has many different romantic relationships (mostly with vampires) but, she always stands up for herself. She struggles later on with having to look after Dawn by herself after their mother’s death, struggling to find a job and to make sure that Dawn is safe while still fighting vampires. Buffy gets a lot of pressure put on her a lot of the time but, still manages to power through it all.

Willow Rosenberg


Willow is normally everyone’s favourite when they start watching the show. She’s nerdy, smart and if people start the show nowadays they normally see her and think “Oh hey it’s the girl from How I Met Your Mother/American Pie.” However Willow is a far better character in Buffy than she is in the other shows that she has starred in. Willow is the sweet one, and for the first couple of seasons is a lovesick girl that has a crush on her best friend (Xander) and when she cheats on her boyfriend Oz (Seth Green) with Xander, the relationship ends and Willow then discovers that she is gay after meeting Tara. The show is one of the first shows that features a lesbian relationship and shows that sometimes a relationship can be unhealthy as Willow starts using magic to play with Tara’s memory. And with Glory (one of the most evil demons in Sunnydale) messing with Tara’s head in one episode, it starts the awakening of Dark Willow. During Season Six, a boy named Warren attempts to kill Buffy but, ends up shooting and killing Tara instead. At Tara’s death, an evil awakens in Willow and she ends up killing Warren in revenge and also attempting to kill her friends. It is Xander’s love and friendship that ultimately saves her, however the darkness has a lasting effect and Tara’s death gets to Willow more than it seems.

Anya/Anyanka Jenkins


Let’s move on to my favourite character. Anya used to be a vengeance demon, helping out girls who had been heartbroken by men. We are first introduced to Anya when Cordelia wants to get revenge on Xander.  When her demon rights are then taken and she is human, Anya develops a crush on Xander and attempts to get him to sleep with her. As a human, her and Xander fall in love and start dating (one of the best relationships of the show- in my humble opinion.) Anya has many quirky traits, such as being obsessed with money and the idea of being able to have cash as quoted with one of my favourite lines “Can I trade the children for more cash?” as she is playing the board game ‘Life.’ Anya also has a fear of bunnies which is one of the quirkiest personality traits she owns, with the running joke that she thinks that they’re evil and scary. Being an ex-demon Anya isn’t one to understand many human things like how to run a shop, how to drive and most importantly how to deal with a death. Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene for Anya is in the episode ‘The Body’ when Buffy’s mother dies and Anya is asking inappropriate questions, but then doesn’t know how she’s supposed to feel because Joyce was always there and now she’s gone. It’s one of the more real subjects that the show goes into, which I may discuss further in a post about the episode as a whole. What hurt me most was the last episode of Buffy to air, when Anya sacrifices herself to save Andrew and ends up dying with nobody being able to find her despite Xander looking. Anya was a true hero and is one of the most complex characters on the show, being confident to discuss sex, money and how she feels romantically towards Xander.

Dawn Summers


To me Dawn is a very relateable character for many people. She lives in the shadow of her older sister and constantly thinks that she is being ignored. She may whine a little to people but, she has her reasons. Dawn was first introduced as ‘The Key’ a powerful object that wasn’t always there which starts off her idea that she doesn’t really matter and that nobody needs her. When her mother dies, Dawn takes it hard. She has to completely rely on Buffy to help her and she can’t begin to cope with the idea that her mother is truly gone. After the death, she feels more and more unnoticed and she even starts a spell that forces everyone to stay at home so that they can spend time with her. (By accident of course.)

Tara Maclay


Tara may not be the best character in the world but, she deserves some recognition. Being the second representation of a lesbian character, the fact that she isn’t sexualised is key. Tara suffers through things, with her mother being dead and her father being very controlling of her as she is a witch, she has a bad home life. However she is very happy with Willow, but stands her ground when Willow starts getting addicted to magic and although it hurts her she eventually leaves Willow when the magic addiction gets too much. Tara’s fate may be upsetting and left a lot of fans in tears as she did not deserve to die, but it also paved the way for a story arc that ultimately changed the show completely.

Femininity in Fight Club

The first rule about Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk abou- Okay, that joke has been made countless amounts of times so, let’s just get straight into this.

One of the first lines in the film is “Somehow, I realize all of this- the gun, the bombs, the revolution- is really about Marla Singer.” This line sums up a  lot of the film, and you can see the film as being all about Marla. When The Narrator is finally at a point in his life where he can sleep – Marla Singer played by Helena Bonham Carter, walks right into his life. He talks about how she has ruined everything, because now he can’t cry and he can’t sleep.

Marla could be described as a manic depressive, since she walks into the road with no care if she gets hit or not and she swallows a bottle of sleeping pills as an overdose- however she then calls The Narrator to tell her what she has done, so she could also be seen as slightly bi-polar. Marla then enters into a sexual relationship with Brad Pitt’s character the infamous Tyler Durden. However we never see Tyler, Marla and The Narrator in the same room together- hinting to the plot twist towards the end of the movie when we find out that Tyler isn’t real and he is simply The Narrator’s alter ego.

Many critics have tried to make the point that Marla is only there as a sexual object and that she is only there for Tyler Durden to have sex with him- as the sex scenes are very explicit but, can be seen as almost artwork due to the strange angles and the almost photographic style of them. People were also very shocked and did not like the line she speaks after sleeping with Tyler- “I haven’t been f**ked like that since grade school,” which is a very young age for someone in America- and as many people from the UK do not know the ages of grade school- they may have just looked past this controversial line. However, the line is very different in the book as once Marla has sex with Tyler in the book she says “I want to have your abortion,” this line was cut from the film and replaced with the line that did make it into the film.

Many people could argue that Marla is still not a very strong character as right at the end of the film she still needs to be saved by The Narrator when Project Mayhem take her and bring her to him when the buildings are about to be blown up. However, Marla is the one who almost saves the Narrator as he realises that Marla is what he needs in his life and she may be the one that can help him with his insomnia once Tyler is out of the picture. The end of the film is particularly interesting as the last shot is of the Narrator and Marla holding hands as the buildings all fall down- almost showing that even thought there is so much destruction, there is still love in the world.

Across the Stars

Born a slave
Knowing nothing else
No father to show the way
But skilled with building
A droid to help your mother
And a pod to win a race
It was your life.
Until three people came
And saved you
Taking you to a better place.

First kiss at nineteen
With the girl you called
An angel
She made you better
Made you human
But your love for her
Was forbidden

Ten years away from your mother
And when you see her it hurts
She dies in your arms.
And you feel the anger inside
A whole village dead
After what you did
But anger is to human
So can you be blamed?

Secretly married
To the woman you love
Nobody can know
Or you wont come out well
You know that she loves you
And she loves you back
Your love is unconditional
You are encouraged to love

The stronger you become
The more you start to fear
Anger rises inside of you
And you let it get in.
You’re guided and advised
To save the one you love
But your anger just kills her
And makes you destroy yourself