6/10 Film Idea

So, I’ve been thinking for a long time of an idea for a screenplay of a feature film. While studying film, ideas have been flying at me from left to right but, I can never get one to really fit.

The ideas that spring to mind are about two teenagers (cliche I know but, hear me out.) The girl is simply plain, she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world and she isn’t unattractive either. She’s just plain. Of course there would be ups and downs throughout the screenplay but, that’s what makes it all the more better. Something that young people might be able to relate to.

My female character whose name I haven’t yet decided on, I keep going through names starting with ‘E’ like Emma, Eliza and Eva, but I haven’t found one to fit yet. I don’t want to make her a manic pixie dreamgirl or a girl next door since those are used all the time and I don’t want to fall into that same pit. My girl is going to just be an everyday girl, she has average grades, a couple of friends and is just that. Maybe I can make her come from a single parent home. There’s always that idea to go back to. If I were fancasting, I would prefer to use a brunette character, seeing as I feel very much like a plain girl myself and I am brunette. To put a name on a specific character wouldn’t be very easy, as most of the actors that I admire are all older and wouldn’t be able to play a younger role. However if I do have an idea of someone that would be perfect, I may write up posts of each characters backstory.

My male character however, I want to make a semi-popular guy. He gets on well with just about everyone and his grades are good. He lives with both of his parents (the dad I would like being played by Ewan McGregor,) and he is generally happy on the outside. However and I don’t want to delve too deeply into the subject since my knowledge isn’t extensive, my male character who for now is nameless is suffering from depression. It’s cliche but, I need to use some cliches at least. Just go with me on this.

For now I haven’t figured out a real conflict within the story. I just know the my two characters will have to be thrown together in some sort of reason and that they become friends. Whether or not I will make them fall in love is going to be left up to the audience to interpret. I don’t want to force a romantic relationship in something that may just be purely platonic.

The working title for now is 6/10 or Six Out of Ten, describing my girl and how she feels when it comes down to guys rating other girls out of ten. Something that is very apparent in a teenagers life, which a lot of films doesn’t address.

Of course there are going to be the characters that nobody likes. The bullies and the people that are just there to judge everyone, although I know that there are going to be people that identify with these characters. On a deeper level, sometimes the more horrible character is also suffering with something so I may have to go into that.

For now, that’s all I have for my idea. Once I start getting more things together I can begin to plan and write out the screenplay, not that it will ever get made into a feature film but, I can write it just for fun.