Kubo and the Two Strings- Review

Director: Travis Knight

Starring: Art Parkinson, Charlize Theron, Matthew McConaughey and Ralph Finnes.

First of all, I love 3-D stop motion animation films because you can see the hard work and effort put into making them. Kubo is no exception. With the breathtaking scenery and the amazing stop motion animation, this quickly became a film that I fell in love with.

Kubo tells the story of a young boy, missing an eye on a journey to find three magical items to defeat the Moon King. He is accompanied by a monkey and a beetle and seeing as this is a fantasy film, the two can speak. Monkey and Beetle provide a very parental role in the film, both of them protecting and keeping Kubo safe.

The film focuses a lot on eyes, with it’s first line being “If you must blink, do it now.” The focus on the eyes gives a symbolisation of the eyes being the window to the soul, and they touch upon the fact that looking into someones eyes reveals their soul and you can see who that person is on the inside rather than the outside.

The soundtrack is beautiful with a mellow and gentle tranquility to accompany the calm nature of the trees and the night, with a more harsh tone to it when the darker scenes come into play.

Without giving away spoilers Kubo is mainly about family and the love that a family can provide, it’s sentimental and there are some tear jerker moments in there where you can have a cry about what you’ve just witnessed on scene. The representation is far from amazing with a very diverse character range, having them of Asian ethnicity.

If you want to see a work of art with an amazing and completely interesting storyline, with a beautiful soundtrack and some really amazing looking villains then I would say that this is the film that you need to watch this Autumn.



5 thoughts on “Kubo and the Two Strings- Review

    • Caitlyn says:

      I haven’t seen Moana yet, mostly because Uni has become very work heavy and everything else. I will watch it soon though and probably write a review for it because I love Disney movies and I know that Lin Manuel Miranda has done the music for it 🙂

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