Fish Tank (2009)

Director- Andrea Arnold

Starring- Katie Jarvis, Michael Fassbender and Kierston Wareing

Fish Tank is a nitty, gritty social realism film, telling the story of a rebellious 15 year old girl who has been kicked out of school and fallen out with her friend. Katie Jarvis had never done acting before and she plays Mia superbly. Being set in an Urban London area, you get your stereotypes of loud mouth, violent and aggressive teenagers that swear a lot, drink a lot and smoke.

The film does have it’s funny moments, but it is also very moving and powerful. There are many different themes that the film brings up such as single parenting, sex and a relationship between a minor and an adult. Mia and her mum’s new boyfriend are obviously attracted to each other in a very dark way of things and when they start a relationship, it ends very quickly.

A lot of conflicts arise throughout the film and it’s represents real life and the struggles that some people go through. Perhaps the most hard hitting moment in the whole film is when Mia has lost Connor, due to him having a family, and then she finds out that an old horse that she found once has been put down. Throughout that moment, there is no music played and it makes the scene seem more real as you watch Mia have a break down.

If you want to sit down and watch a film about real life, with real struggles then pick this one up. It won a Cannes Jury Prize and it is worth it! The actors don’t do a single thing wrong and although the themes are dark, they are interesting and keep you hooked.



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