Across the Stars

Born a slave
Knowing nothing else
No father to show the way
But skilled with building
A droid to help your mother
And a pod to win a race
It was your life.
Until three people came
And saved you
Taking you to a better place.

First kiss at nineteen
With the girl you called
An angel
She made you better
Made you human
But your love for her
Was forbidden

Ten years away from your mother
And when you see her it hurts
She dies in your arms.
And you feel the anger inside
A whole village dead
After what you did
But anger is to human
So can you be blamed?

Secretly married
To the woman you love
Nobody can know
Or you wont come out well
You know that she loves you
And she loves you back
Your love is unconditional
You are encouraged to love

The stronger you become
The more you start to fear
Anger rises inside of you
And you let it get in.
You’re guided and advised
To save the one you love
But your anger just kills her
And makes you destroy yourself


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