An Inspector Calls

Director: Stephen Daldry
Venue: Hall for Cornwall
Date Viewed: Thursday 3rd March

As a Drama student, the first thing that really hooked me with this play was the stage. Having the house area on the main stage to create another level was very interesting and an amazing use of stage. The house clearly had the representation of the characters all opening up and confessing when the Inspector showed up and started asking them the questions about Eva Smith. Liam Brennan as the Inspector was captivating and really drew the audience in, especially with the Scottish accent which stood out from the rather posh family of the Birlings. Perhaps my favourite piece of acting in the whole play was that of Diana Payne-Myers who played Edna the housekeeper, a silent role but played brilliantly with the best comic timing and was always up to something instead of being pushed to one side and standing doing nothing.

The use of no interval in the middle of the play worked very well, considering the whole murder mystery so that you don’t lose the story to go and get Ice Cream. The suspense was there throughout and the more you learned about each character, the more it made you think about how the small things you do in life can impact on someone else’s life. Halfway through the play when they had the house tilt and everything smashed was a very effective way of symbolising how the family has now broken apart due to different views on the whole situation and ordeal that they have just been put through.

Overall, An Inspector Calls is a superb, tense and eye opening play with brilliant acting and a fantastic stage with the amazing direction from Stephen Daldry who in the past has directed plays such as ‘Far Away’ and ‘A Number.’

5/5 Stars from me


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